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Fire Damage

It comes as no surprise that fire damage restoration is the most dangerous disaster that professionals in our industry respond to. We truly emphasize the importance of safety for our workers and our clients, that is why we work closely with emergency response officials in a collaborative effort to safely and efficiently restore your property.

With that being said we are proud to say we understand the severity of a house fire, so whether its a total loss or just isolated smoke damage Sides Restoration is ready to respond 24/7/365.

Sides Restoration Project:

Fire damage repair is a multistep process best left to fire damage restoration services that are IICRC-trained in fire, soot and smoke damage repair.

What Sets us Apart from our Competition

Genuine & Quality

No Chasing Policy

Many restoration companies in the area will do something called chasing. This is where restoration companies listen in on radio channels and wait for emergency responders to communicate the whereabouts of fire disasters. Often times these companies can respond before our emergency responders, and unlike our emergency responder they are not there to put out the fire, rather they have pen and paper in hand and want you to sign off on their work authorization.

Sides Restoration has not and will never chase work, we believe this is an unethical practice in our industry and we will never take part in it.

Highest Standards

When you contact Sides Restoration for your fire damage needs we will send a professional and friendly project manager to inspect the property and the severity of the damage. Our project managers will ask you many questions and attempt to extract as much information as possible in an effort to more comfortably service you and your individual needs. During our process we will collect, organize and document all the essential information for you and your carrier. We encourage our client to ask all the questions they have and to not hesitate to inform us of any concerns they may have throughout the entire restoration and reconstruction process.

We believe this strong link in communication between us and our clients is what allows us to turn tragedy into triumph.

Our Quality of Work

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An Efficient Process

Insurance Mitigation

We will work with your insurance carrier from start to finish to ensure an efficient mitigation and reconstruction process. We will also help negotiate a fair deal for your settlement and ensure that your property is returned to its original, if not superior form.
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